Yum Yum


Yum Yum have engaged Nutritional Therapist Claudia Norris to assist in maximising the nutritional value of Yum Yum's lunches. Claudia is a UK certified Nutritionist; having graduated with distinction from the British College of Nutrition & Health (BCNH) in 2006. She now lives and works in Gibraltar and prior to that in Sotogrande and London. She works with both adults and children. Being a mother herself she understands issues that can arise with feeding children. Claudia loves teaching and spreading the word about healthy eating. She regularly flies back to the UK to lecture at BCNH. She has recently appeared on GBC discussing the Health of Our Nation on Viewpoint and is featured in my new series of Vicky's Natural Kitchen that will air in January.



- Share our passion for delicious, fresh food -
- Provide balanced nutritional meals -
- Use seasonal and local ingredients where possible -
- Cook from scratch -
- Work with fresh fruit and vegetables -
- Use health supportive cooking techniques to maximise on nutritional value and taste -
- Encourage children to explore new flavours and textures -
- Work with loreto and their vegetable patch, inspiring pupils to interact with food -


By incorporating fresh and seasonal vegetables and pulses into meals - initially hidden, we provide a great source of fibre to support the digestive system, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to boost the immune system.

By ensuring good quality protein and minimising on sugar content in our food we can help balance blood sugar levels. This will aid in maintaining high levels of concentration throughout the afternoon.

By avoiding processed foods where possible, we can reduce salt and sugar which are acid forming. Focusing on fresh fruit and vegetables which are alkalising for the body.

With the use of health supportive cooking techniques we can preserve the nutritional value of meals. eg, oven baking rather then frying and steaming rather then boiling.